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No matter where you plan to go or how you plan to get there, the miracle of modern technology has made it so that there’s a wealth of apps you can use to help you with your trip. Here are our standard go-to apps and websites for our travels:


There are a lot of websites that will help you out with booking your flights and hotels, almost anywhere you want to go in the world. Kayak, however, is our favorite because of its cost projection feature. Kayak gives you an estimate of how the price of the flight or hotel you’re booking can change based on when you make the booking. This makes scheduling your vacations a lot easier to plan for!

In addition, Kayak also keeps track of promos and shows the active promos on their sites. Most other third-party booking sites don’t reflect the promos other than the ones you get through them. This feature puts Kayak head and shoulders above the competition for us!


Only useful in the US (for now), Zagat is one of the best websites for finding places to eat. Drawing reviews from both Google and its own correspondents, Zagat has a huge database of eateries from all over the United States.

It also has a great filtering system that lets you filter based on prices, ratings (three separate options for food, décor, and service), and restaurant type. This means that if you and your friends are in the mood for barhopping, Zagat can help you plan your trip based on your budget. Given the mix of Google and correspondent reviews, we hope Zagat will eventually extend its reach to an international scope.


Operating around the world, Uber is a reliable way to get around where it’s available. Unfortunately, a lot of taxi services tend to try and squeeze extra off obvious tourists by overcharging (sometimes even with a “certified table of charges” to look legit), which can cut into your budget. Uber’s system ensures that you’ll be able to avoid this hassle.

In addition, Uber drivers sometimes help you get your adventure started by recommending good places to eat or spots to visit. Before travelling, it’s a good idea to check Uber’s website to see if they’re available in your destination country.

Knowing the weather is always important. Some places are best to visit during certain weather. Others aren’t safe to visit at all when the weather is bad. While can’t accurately predict the weather months in advance (realistically, nothing invented by man can accurately predict weather that far ahead), its very useful for planned trips within the next week or so.

Another thing to remember is that works for countries outside the US as well, which makes it useful no matter where you’re currently travelling.

Do you have any apps or websites that you feel we should have on our recommended resources list? If so, check out our contact page and let us know! We’d be happy to add it to our list and credit you as the contributor! We hope to hear from you soon!