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About Us

The world is getting smaller. Not literally, of course. That would be cause for global concern! But the world is shrinking in the sense that travel is much easier: more and more countries are relaxing the requirements for entry, and more airlines and hospitality companies are offering promos and packages to tourists. More countries are also looking to improve themselves as tourist destinations!

All these changes ease the problems that travellers had before: worries about documents needed to get into and around a country, the cost of travel, the availability of lodging, and whether the country was tourist-friendly or not have been replaced with trying to decide where to visit first, and when would be the best time to go. That’s where we here at 4 Travel Guides come in to help you out!

Where You Can Go

Our guides present detailed information on places you may have considered visiting, whether domestic or abroad. Rather than just telling people to go, we present an overview of the types of sites, activities, and other attractions that are geared to helping you decide if you do want to go or not based on what’s found there.

How To Get There

Getting to where you go is an important part of the journey. While most people will just focus on flying to where they want to go. There are other ways to get to where you’re going, even if that destination is overseas. If there are alternatives, we’ll be here to let you know the pros and cons so you can decide if you want to take the road less traveled rather than the fast route.

What To Eat

It can be argued that one hasn’t really been somewhere until he’s eaten the regional specialty. Even within the United States alone, each state has it’s own culinary specialties. In some cases, even towns have unique specialties. We aim to help you find places to eat as well as make recommendations on what specific regional specialties to try when you’re there!

Where To Stay

Most people like to stay at hotels when they travel; the modern comforts providing a touchstone to home no matter where you are in the world. There are those, however, who would prefer to experience the regional charm offered by local bed and breakfasts and other hospitality establishments. We aim to provide recommendations on where to stay. If we can do so based on personal experience, we will!

Preparing For Your Trip

In addition to where to go, how to get there, and what you can eat there, we also aim to help you prepare what to bring on your journey. While there are certain things you always pack, no matter where you’re going, we’ll also give advice on whether there are things to pack that aren’t part of the usual list of things to bring!

What You Need To Know

Is there something you need to know that isn’t in our blog or on our resource list? Contact us and let us know what you’re interested in reading about and we’ll see what we can do to help you out!